Best WordPress Plugins!!

The internet is fiercely extending its reach.

Consumers worldwide are shifting from the traditional bazaar to the online market.

More and more businesses are putting themselves on digital landscape to increase their sales.

If stats are to go by,

  • 66 billion people across the globe purchased goods online in 2017.
  • It’s expected that more than 2 billion people worldwide will choose online platform to buy goods and services in 2021.

This is the reason businesses are investing for being online.

And, most of them are choosing WordPress platform for their eCommerce business. Not online, businesses, but bloggers too are extensively using the open source platform for their blogs.

After all, WordPress is the world’s most popular online publishing platform – currently, empowering more than 25% of the web.

So, it is the best platform for starting an online business. It has got its popularity because it is a highly customizable platform. Thousands of plugins are making it even better.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is a piece of software. It features a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. There are thousands of plugins. They add functionality to the WordPress core and are responsible for supercharging your e commerce website.


These plugins are an excellent option especially if development work is not your piece of cake. Without them, you’ll probably have to code the functionality yourself or depends on a web developer. But the plugins has made everything easier.

With thousands of plugins available, don’t get confused among the best ones.

We’ve sorted out 7 must have WordPress plugins for every eCommerce website in 2019.

If ready, read.

WP Live Chat Support

Live chat is playing pivotal roles in today’s online businesses. With the WP Live Chat Support, customers can get answered without making any phone call.

44% of online customers say that having questions answered by a live person while purchasing something is one of the most important features of a website. Forrester Research.

ApexChat has found that live chat increases online leads by 40%.

Therefore, ignoring a chat option enabled on your eCommerce website means you’re losing out on a lot of opportunities.

The WP Live Chat Support plugin allows you to quickly set up the entire chat system on your websites. This plugins has countless features in its free version.

But for more functionality like ROI tracking, reporting, and customization of the chat windows, upgrading to the pro version is essential.




WooCommerce is the most customizable eCommerce platform to build your online business.

With more than 50 million downloads, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores.

Whether you aim at selling digital products, subscriptions or physical products, this plugin will be super easy for you. Key features of this WordPress plugin include:

  • In-built payment options
  • Ability to sell anything, anywhere
  • Customizable shipping options
  • Tax calculation based on customer’s location

Moreover, WooCommerce lets you access hundreds of free and paid extensions that will lead to adding tons of functionality to your website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an essential tool you have for your WordPress website. With more than 5 million active installations, Yoast SEO can make your website as search engine-friendly as possible. It works well in both cases, whether you have a personal blog or you’re an SEO professional managing a website.

Image Source

Setting up the plugin is not tough due to the abundant resources from the tech folks and the creators. Don’t afford to lose out such an excellent tool especially in case of eCommerce website. As Yoast SEO reduces SEO efforts and help get organic traffic.

Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites. Being an automation landscape, it enables you to put your marketing efforts on steroids. It has all the features required to book sales. It can easily integrate with WooCommerce.


Key Highlights

  • Beeketing is good for upsell & cross-sell related products
  • It can bundle up frequently bought products
  • It provides cart level discount
  • It can send out cart abandonment emails
  • It allows chatting with customers with Facebook messenger without leading the website.

Beeketing offers you most of its features for free. No expertise required to install and configure this plugin.


404page is another plugin, allowing you to create a custom 404 error page seamlessly. It is compatible with almost every theme. The good part is that a 404 page created by this plugin does not create redirects – this feature is not available with other plugins.

wordpress plugin

Image courtesy

Such act lets search engines understand that the page doesn’t exist, thereby the search engine removes this page from the index. Furthermore, the 404page plugin doesn’t create any extra server requests that contribute to increase your website load time.


OptinMonster is the go-to plugin for getting subscribers and growing your email list. With it, building popups like welcome gates, slide-ins, floating header, footers, etc. is easy. This platform allows you to create campaigns and trigger these pop-ups, especially when someone has spent a specified amount of time on a particular page or want to exit the page.

wordpress pluginsImage

OptinMonster also features to integrate with popular email marketing platforms so it becomes easier to run your email marketing campaigns.

Quick and easy FAQS

If you want to add FAQs to your site, then Quick and Easy FAQs is the right plugin. It uses custom post type short codes to add FAQs.

Image source

This plugin is a must for every eCommerce site as it allows your customers to quickly get answers to frequently asked questions without contacting any support staff.

Bottom Line

So there you have 7 most important WordPress plugins to supercharge your eCommerce website.

If you think any plugins are missing that need to be includes in this post, let us know in the comments section.



  • Mary Martin
    Mary Martin

    You’ve described a great list of plugins.
    I have just installed the User Activity Log Plugin on my website. It is very helpful for monitoring and tracking of all the activities occurs on the admin side.
    More Info:

    • admin

      Thank you Mary Martin!!

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