The aroma of 2019 is quietly getting mixed in the air.

Content marketers are gearing up for updating their B2B content marketing strategy. They aim to reach the target audience and meet 2019’s challenges.

Some are planning to woo consumers with new launches; others are getting triggered for attractive deals.

You too may have kept your marketing strategy ready for 2019.

After all, who wants to be lagged behind?

If you’re not prepared for the upcoming year, you’ll have a hard time digging up last-time content marketing plans.

90% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, and more than 70% of them can determine how content marketing boost leads and engagement.

Content Marketing in 2019

With no clear plans in mind, many smart start-ups and those in the middle range end up without setting out effective marketing strategies.

Like this year, content marketing in 2019 is being considered to play a sizable role. The idea behind it will continue to remain simple enough – to create useful and engaging content so that folks can read it, watch it, love it, and ultimately get tempted to buy the products.

But, the core concepts that will keep the strategies different in the New Year will be ‘Audience First,’ according to the Content Market Institute.

Almost 90% of top-performing B2B marketers prioritize their audience’s informational needs ahead of their sales/business needs.

That means the audience will be more important than your products and services. There will be domination of audience-specific content rather than product-specific. So, the focus should be on reaching the target audience and crafting the content accordingly.

The questions arise here:

  • How will you reach out to your audience?
  • How to create audience-specific content?
  • Where do you need to investigate them?
  • What are today’s content marketers most concerned about?

These are important points to take into account when setting 2019’s content marketing goals?’

But, before digging deeper, get insights into what content marketing is.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”……… Content Marketing Institute.

Well, it’s not just a fad — it’s a technique to increase leads and drive the brand forward with each passing month. However, its landscape has changed – from less focus on branded content to more on videos.

Following are the best content marketing strategies to reach out to the target audience and develop content to meet the marketing challenges.

Are you ready?

Talk to customers directly

Yes, for reaching prospects, you need to communicate with customers directly.

The bad news is that less than half of B2B content marketers talk to customers, according to CMI.

Marketers usually seek feedback from sales. Or they use website analytics to research their audience. Some also use only keyword research. This is not good.

The below image designed by CMI shows the techniques used by B2B marketers for researching their target audience for content marketing.

To reach out potential audience, directly talk to customers because they are the real people to tell you about their preferences and needs.

When you talk to them, you don’t need to infer them from analytics nor glean them from third-party conversations.

If you don’t have a team of professionals to talk with customers, you’re ignoring the most influential resource for reaching the target audience.

Look for ways to make this happen. Build a team before 2019 sets in. Or, accompany sales reps within your organization on your calls – arrange phone calls with prospects and customers directly.

Add value to content to build trust

In 2019, prioritizing your content based on your audience’s requirements rather than sales/promotional message will play a more prominent role.

Marketing guru Jay Baer introduces in his book, “Youtility,” two ways for companies to break through in this competitive and cacophony environment: Amazing or Useful.

“There are only two ways for companies to break through in an environment that is unprecedented in its competitiveness and cacophony. They can be ‘amazing,’ or they can be useful.” Jay Baer.

Watch  this video in which Jay Baer delivers a stirring and hilarious presentation about Youtility:

So, to get your content found discussed and shared, make sure it carries real value for your target audience. This is important to generate action by your audience.

To add real value to your content, craft it based on the given essential traits – often overlapping, categories to successfully build credibility with the audience and earn their trust.

Keep it risk appropriately:

Avoid asking for something before proving the value.

Keep it useful:

Aim to help people complete a task or learn a skill. For this, add a ‘how-to post,’ a guide of some kind, or even an interactive tool to the content.

Keep it consistent:

Deliver reliable content regularly over time.

Keep it informative:

Through the content, help folks develop a new skill or perhaps a new perspective. The content should enable them to make informed decisions.

Keep it cumulative:

Build your content on what came before.

Keep it entertaining:

Add to your content joy, laughter, and emotion that have value.

Giving your prospects something valuable through your content is essential for a brand to be well-regarded by your audience.

  • Make the content about the audience, not you.
  • Stop talking about your brand.
  • Be sure what your competitors are doing.
  • Create content people want to read, watch or listen to

Video content still has value

You can’t overlook the importance of video content in 2019 for reaching out the potential audience.

Video content that extensively flourished in 2017 has become the necessity of the day. And the movement is not going to decelerate.

Here are some valuable inputs from reliable resources that prove why video content should be your priority in the coming year.

  • The video alone will be responsible for as much as 80% of internet traffic by 2019. Reports Forbes.
  • More than 45% of online marketers have plans to add Facebook video to their marketing strategy in the next year, whereas 48% are planning to add YouTube.
  • According to HubPost, 54% of audience prefer watching more video content from marketers.

The data shows that video will be the sure sign of a successful content marketing strategy. If you’re ignoring video content, you’ll be doing injustice to your brand. Remember that more than 70% of consumers across the globe want to see videos on social media that are “entertaining.”

Your video can be inspirational, educational or entertaining to create value for viewers and gain momentum quickly.

So, before creating another piece of content next time, be sure to put the camera down, set some goals. There is more value in an engaged following than in the number of followers you have.

Content will be the main component of all forms of marketing

No market, without great content.

Irrespective of the type of marketing tactics you apply to your business, make content a part of your marketing strategy, along with keeping SEO/search algorithms and social media algorithms top of mind.

Compelling content will remain the main component of all forms of marketing:

  • For Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The search engine giant rewards businesses that publish original and informative content.
  • For Social Media Marketing (SMM): Content marketing strategy comes ahead of the social media strategy in SMM.
  • For Public Relations (PR): PR strategists discuss issues what content readers care about, not about products or overall businesses.
  • For Inbound marketing: Content has been crucial and will retain its importance in driving inbound traffic and leads.
  • For Pay Per Click (PPC): A successful PPC campaign primarily depends on a great ad copy and web content.
  • For Content strategy: The success of content marketing strategies majorly relies on the content strategy.

With the above factors, it’s clear that content has a vital role in almost all forms of marketing. Since SEO and Social media algorithms get updated now and then, creating content comply with the modified algorithms is a must.

Good for Bottom Line

Content marketing will hold its position in the 2019 marketing strategy. It will be effective for bottom-line results. Reason being, enterprises using content marketing are able to increase sales and leads, cut costs, and build a relationship with the audience.

Make it the beginning of a customer relationship. Don’t assume your audience just consumers, but participants of your business. Let them have the opportunity to engage. Offer them email subscriptions. Include links to the products or services you sell in relevant content.


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