Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central is one of the newest offerings for the ERP that has been made available in attest 19 countries. Microsoft Dynamics business central is a dynamic cloud-based platform that has taken charge to woo off all the ERP and financial operations related issues of any mediocre business. Be it sales, supply chain operation, automation of workflow or handling the team to derive more productivity, Microsoft business central is capable of doing it all.

Microsoft Dynamics business central is a business management solution that enables its clients to upgrade from the entry-level business accounting system to a legacy ERP software solution. The Dynamics business central has been introduced to enhance productivity, streamline the operational process, and enable subsequent growth in the business.

Microsoft dynamics 365 business central is now available everywhere for the on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments and on the desktop. Users can now upgrade their business solution with the help of dynamics 365 business central partner, who are designated to provide complete guidance on the software. Microsoft has done an incredible job of designating Microsoft partners for each business tools. The partners understand the nuances of business and integrate the Microsoft tools as per the client’s requirements. They provide complete training and customer support to the clients along with upgrading the tools for time to time.

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Microsoft Dynamics business central can be connected via Universal Windows App, mobile or tablet apps. The tools provide equal access on iOS, Android and Windows platforms, that makes it worthy enough for a subsequent growing business. The dynamics tool is available at two price category; Essential and Premium. While the Essential subscription may cost around $52.79/ month, Premium may go beyond that and you may end up paying $75.40/month. Whether the business opt for Essential or Premium license, Microsoft business central offer the following functionalities;

  • Financial management

This includes handling of ledgers, workflows, bank management, budget transaction, audit trails, bank reconciliation, fixed asset management, currency management, dimensions, and deferrals.

  • Customer Relationship Management

This functionality includes campaigning, contact management, opportunity management, and social media management, built-in integration with Dynamic 365 sales and tracking purchase and sales of inventory.

  • Supply chain management

Supply chain management is an integral part of any manufacturing unit as it not only helps in keeping a track of customer’s demand but also integrates inventory with sales. This functionality basically takes charge of sales management, purchase order management, basic receivables, item transfers, basic warehousing, and location tracking.

  • Human resource management

Apart from the basic ERP management solution, Dynamics 365 business central partner offer team management through cloud-based data. Business central helps the company to manage payrolls, employee expenses, and detecting new applicants on behalf of the manager.

Apart from the above functionalities, Dynamics business central takes charge of multiple currency management, offers multiple language handling, scheduling tasks, outlook integration, and intrastate reporting.


Microsoft Dynamics business central is a business management solution that enables its clients to upgrade from the entry-level business accounting system to a legacy ERP software solution.


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