Many people are earning an amazing amount online, and many get failed to do the same.


Let’s see some key factors in setting up a blog or website gathered by Rahul Agarwal that earn money.

  1. Decide niche first

People always purchase domain first and then decides niche. It goes wrong, so please decide niche first such as tech, health, beauty, etc. It will help you rank your website better. Google gets easy to categorize and rank website if your domain name contains specific words related to the niche.

For example; If your niche is Tech reviews you can choose

  1. Buy a domain and hosting

We will suggest you use keywords in the domain. Firstly look out on the internet for a better deal as well as a better extension. You can search first for .com then .in, .net like domains.

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Domains should not so long keep it under 12 characters. You can use domain name generators for generating domain ideas.

Look for better hosting plans but be careful about after sale support. Some hosting providers give out cheap rates, but their technical support is also cheap, you know what I mean?

They will totally ignore your queries or make delays, and it will lead to your loss. So try to be with a reputed brand.

  1. Create a responsive blog

After you got a decent domain name and hosting the second thing is designing your blog. You must consider the fact that most internet users are mobile user now. Your site must be mobile friendly and responsive.

Google also knows this fact, so they consider this factor seriously while ranking websites. So choose mobile friendly template and design accordingly.

  1. Upload unique content

If you passed your exams by doing cheating forget about it, don’t try to cheat search engines. You must upload unique content only. If you are beginners and not getting ideas for content, you can hire freelancers or try to rewrite articles.

Check purchased content in plagiarism checker tools available online before publishing it. Google loves original content.

  1. Keywords and SEO

Today competition has gone high, so Fundaking is suggesting you to focus on long tail keywords. You can use any keyword finder tools available online for free as well as paid ones.  You will get more accuracy and wide analysis in paid SEO tools.

As an SEO is a concern, be clear while choosing Meta tags, Meta description and on page SEO. Write creative Meta description With the use of keywords you want to target and keep it under 300 words.

  1. SMM

Social Media Marketing is king nowadays for driving traffic to your website. You must take SMM seriously. Believe me; if you create good presence on social media and shares your content there, then you are the king.

Social media can give you amazing platform to you for getting connected with your audience. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you can also turn them into customers.

Last words

At the last fundaking will wish you successful blogging. I hope you find this article useful and informative. Please visit my website to find more such content. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel named tech savvy Rahul.


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