Amazon keyword ranking is the main elixir to win best-selling label in the marketplace. Amazon FBA sellers hire top Amazon product listing optimization services to grab million dollar success on Amazon. The knowledge of perfect tools and technique and excellent range of SEO can help the sellers to master the art of keyword selection and promotion.

Check out here the quickest guide to win the Amazon Keyword Ranking and the basics of Amazon keyword selection.

1 – Find Top Amazon Keywords

Knowing your top ranking Amazon keywords may help your cover half way to success. Check out some tips to put your best keywords into your listing:

  • Place the best and biggest tail keyword at the front. Place the rest of them as per their importance level.
  • Write your most important keywords in phrases and bullet points.
  • There is no necessary need to duplicate the keywords in other parts of your product listing.
  • Put all the little keywords on the backend of your product listing to curb ranking.

2 – Promoting Your Top Keywords

Make sure that Amazon’s search algorithm acknowledges your product as the most relevant product for searches related to the keywords. Promotional giveaways make this task a bit easier.

Start your promotional giveaway campaign and run the same for 10-14 days (on average). Typically, the marketer won’t see the results for about 3-5 days but after two weeks, the Amazon keyword ranking ascension starts to slow down.

3 – Track Your Amazon Keyword Ranking

After the promotional campaign step is sent and done, track the progress on a daily basis and run analytical research on the keywords. Visit Amazon pages (other sellers’) every day and perform a hard search on keywords every day. Do a search and dig through pages. One can also hire professional Amazon Product Listing Services to do it in a religious way.

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The professionals performing Amazon product listing optimization know how to start dynamite A/B testing platform or run a progressive Amazon keyword ranking tracker. There are several tools and techniques through which they can graph out their progress. In this way, when the sellers run the promotional campaigns, they will know exactly how effective their Jump Send giveaways are.

Why tracking Amazon keyword ranking is important?

Unknowingly spending money while building a business can be a spine breaking issue of an unsuccessful business empire. Although Amazon promotional giveaways are an incredibly effective way to promote product listing, they are designed to take your product so far. As soon as you realise the ranking is going down with giveaways, you would want to “press the brakes” and end the campaign. Otherwise, you could end up losing money without any benefit or results.


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