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A car is a pride possession.

Everyone wants to own luxury cars or other dashing cars that may be expensive but throbs heart.

More than show off, a car is a necessity to enable you to travel at your ease by saving time and botheration that troubles you while traveling by public conveyance.

Your car gives you the flexibility to drive around at any time and up to any location, unlike public conveyance where you are time and distance bound according to the availability.

If you are also tired of using public conveyance and are looking forward to buying your first car in Ireland, then here are a few points you should consider while buying your first car in Ireland:

Select a car:

Many cars may appeal you but one should not buy a car merely by its impressive appearance. There is a lot more to check out in a car.

Analyze the technical specifications of a car, interiors of the car, it’s on-road cost and maintenance cost, reviews about the car and its company and then choose a model satisfying your requirements.

Cost of the car:

Cost of the car is certainly a major factor. It determines your choice of the car, especially when you are going to buy your first car in Ireland or anywhere else.

A car not only has one-time buying cost, but regular maintenance cost as well. It is necessary to shortlist more than one car that matches your requirements. This will help you buy a car which best suitable to your budget.

Although easy monthly installment plans, loan facilities, pre-owned cars at a lower price and a few more options are available to help you to pay the car cost easily, they add on to your monthly expenses.

So, figure out your one time and monthly expenses cool mindedly and then come to a decision. While buying your first car, look for available discounts on the car you are going to buy. Cross check the final price with multiple sellers of the same model of the car.

Be handy with sound credit rating:

Car financers will thoroughly check your credit rating. Only after their satisfaction, they will pass the loan to buy a car now and pay monthly installments later.

If you do not currently have a credit score, then you can talk to your bank to build up your credit score on the basis of nature of work. If you are a student, your parents can co-finance the loan.

AA Car Inspection:

When you buy a pre-owned car in Ireland, it is advisable to seek AA car inspection service to ensure your safety on road.

Car Insurance in Ireland:

Car insurance is another major requirement before buying a car anywhere in the world. The car insurance gives you financial security in case of any mishappening to the car or the driver provided the driver is also insured along with your car insurance in Ireland.

Choosing an insurance company and an insurance policy to insure your car is another challenge but the challenge should be met with great care as it can prove very helpful in the hour of need.

There are many insurance policies facilitated by every insurance company. You should select the one which gives maximum cover for the car, its parts, and the driver at a minimum cost.

Also read why a medical insurance is important for you above 60.

Remember, sometimes an extra cost of insurance premium is worth paying for a reputable insurance company and the extra cover an insurance company may be giving because if you join hands with a renowned insurance company you are likely to receive your claims without any hassles.


Find a car of your choice and in your budget. Don’t overlook the points mentioned above. Choose reliable Insurance Company to get your new car insured. A good insurer is one which has a number of car insurance solutions for each car so that you can find the one desired by you. They accept premiums via a reliable and easy mode of payment. They create your online account so that you can update and renew your insurance policy any time from the comfort of your home.

Their procedure to settle insurance claims is easy as well. Understanding the need of the insured victim, they pass genuine claims soon. They are ready to help you by offering 24*7 support.

So, it is a wise option to insure your car with a reliable and popular insurance company while buying your first car in Ireland, irrespective of the model and make of your car.

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