Do you know? You could get massive traffic from Facebook if you did the best.

Yes, it is true that you can use Facebook as your primary traffic source because you can get maximum shares and maximum likes on this social media platform.

There are so many people who are using Facebook as their primary source traffic. You may see a lot of groups are engaging with the content people are sharing. Even Pro bloggers also using Facebook groups to engage the audience.

It will be the best technique if you want to increase more social traffic which will also Boost Your search engine traffic. If you don’t know how to use Facebook to get the maximum traffic you have to read this guide.

All of us want to become a successful blogger. You have to follow some strict rules to get your page on Google first page. Creating a blog and earning money is not as easy as you think and also not as hard as you think.

It will be an easy procedure if you know how to create and earn money with blogging. There are so many ways you can earn side income if you want to invest in somewhere else.

You can also create a micro niche website; also you can take the help of Amazon Associates. Amazon micro niche sites are earning more than $10,00 even it is a tiny product.

You Have to be careful when choosing the product to promote your blog. Here are some easy and quick tips to increase site traffic using Facebook. 

Why do you need your Facebook to promote your website?

We all know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks we have right now. You can build the quality audience and also you can reach the targeted audience using this social media platform.

All you have to do is you have to be consistent. Consistency is the key in any kind of success. Facebook has a lot of groups and pages, and you can see the engagement.

Better than Facebook pages it is a Facebook group which can reach to the maximum audience. People will share your content and people will love your content.

You have to produce an amazing article which can be loved by anyone. Join in some famous Facebook social groups to learn the tips and tricks of blogging. So here are some methods you can use to increase your social traffic.

Building a Facebook group

No matter from where you are starting, no matter how many readers you have. You have to start your group and start building it. Every famous Facebook group grows started with a single user.

You have to turn your website visitors into your Facebook group community members. This will increase engagement, and you can reach the targeted people with great content.

If you have good traffic, then you can architect a Facebook group which will connect you with other famous bloggers also. If you are giving the valuable content and people are sharing in other groups, then people will love to join in your group.

But make sure that you are turning your visitors into your Facebook community members. It will increase the member list in your Facebook group, and within no time you can increase your affiliate sales. Whenever you share the new article, then so many people will come to your blog.

And if you want to increase the direct traffic, then the only thing you have to do is building the brand. If you build the brand, then people will love to come to your website by direct search.

This will increase the authority of your blog and will increase the direct traffic of your website. The more you have, the more chances of getting every article on the first page are possible. So don’t hesitate to create a Facebook group even if you have low visitors. You can turn them as your regular readers if you build a Facebook group.

Joining in other groups

Be clear and join in the relevant groups where you can get maximum Impressions. The group should be active and you have to observe the previous responses any post can get.

Facebook groups will help you to create your brand quickly. Most of the Facebook groups will allow you to share your content and you can reach the maximum people. You can also reach influencers because all top Facebook groups are maintaining by the pro bloggers.

You can get quality tips and techniques to increase your conversion rate tremendously. You can also get content ideas, and you can steal your competitor’s keywords.

If you can get the layout after a successful blog, then you can apply it to your own site to get valued customers. So never be so late to join the other famous Facebook groups. Participating in different Facebook groups will increase your relationship, and you can use it for guest posting also.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with other bloggers will always a beautiful idea.

Creating a Facebook fan page

This is also a Free Method. Create your own Facebook fan page for a website. Once you create the website, then you have to schedule all your blog posts one day.

Because you cannot spend every day to publish the content from your Facebook page, once you get time, then schedule all posts from your Facebook fan page. You will slowly get likes and shares if you share the content and promote your Facebook fan page to like.

There is always another method which is called Facebook ads. Facebook ads need a budget. You should spend some money to reach the target audience. Once you reach the target audience, then you can build your own community.

This is the easiest method if your earning already, but if you are a beginner, then you don’t have to try these Facebook ads because it needs investment. And once you target the wrong people, then you will lose your budget.

So try to build the Facebook fan page, and you have to maintain the patience because it will take time.


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