Guest contributions are important.

You probably understand that. (If not, read this post here).

Some call it the secret weapon of blogging. Others say they are a round-the-clock success package.

One thing is clear: without guest posts, you will never be able to build a known Blog at least not fast.

But quite as simple as it sometimes sounds, it is not.

Bloggers cover letter, offer post, a post is published, you’re celebrating, you deserve money in your sleep.


Because you’re coming to a strange stage, it’s like a “guest Game” of a Band in a strange city. Foreign Location, foreign audience.

Have you ever been to a family dinner to a large family of a completely different culture? There are so many things you can do wrong.

So you don’t have to take every fat pan of this world with you, I’ve collected errors here that you should absolutely avoid.

The reverse: your guest contributions will then be the winner.

You’re holding back the best content for you

The biggest mistake you can make when writing guest posts is this: you send your second best post.

It’s like you’re starting a concert with a bad Song. Who should buy your CD?

A guest post is like a large-scale application. The moment you come to the host’s blog, you are asking for the favor of the audience. And this will only work if you give the best you have.

You don’t get a second chance for the first impression.

So always deliver your best content as a guest post.

“But then I have nothing more for my Blog! “I’m open: if you run out of ideas after 10 posts, then blogging is just not your thing.

Also: how can you run out of ideas when we have 100 headings for you here, which you can also make an article. And here are another 41 Blog article ideas.

You are not linking to the host

Imagine: someone comes to visit you and ignores your institution. He ignored the food. decoration. Just everything.

It is also if a guest post has no Links to the contents of the host.

Therefore: always try to link to the contents of the host.

This shows you, that you know the Blog, that you have read the articles and the most important thing: you show recognition.

Of course, you should not just put mucus Links. You really have to deal with the Blog and know the content.

Your guest post is a One-Night Stand

Post writing, publishing, leaving.

This is the Blogger One-Night Stand. And unfortunately, there are still too many of them.

I say it again and again: the valuable thing about a guest post is not the Link or the clicks. The valuable thing is the relationship with the host. Because if the relationship is right, then he will often link to you, mention you and always put a good word for you in forums and Chats.

So easy. So important. But so often ignored.

That’s why you should always continue the relationship.


Ask the Blogger. What were the clicks? How satisfied is he with the reader’s reaction? What would he have done differently?

Thank you again in an email for the opportunity to write for him. Just a Thank you. Do not immediately slap a request and offer the next “cooperation.”

Link the host regularly in your articles and make him aware of it. He’ll be grateful. He’ll remember you well.

Are you interested in man? Not for the clicks.

You promo test is not like a wild pig

Some bloggers no longer accept guest posts.


Because too many” parasites ” have broken the guest log. These people write guest contributions but do not reveal this to their audience.

Example:  Blogger G 2,000 E-Mail subscribers. He wants to write a guest post for Blogger X that has “only” 1,000 email subscribers.

Blogger G then publishes his guest post but does not tell his 2,000 subscribers. Blogger X but already.

The result: Only Blogger G benefits. Blogger X goes out “empty.”

I think this is an outrage – and even a small-minded one.

If I’m afraid that my readers are moving to the host, then my Blog is simply not good enough. If I am convinced of my Blog, then I’m not afraid to send my 2,000 readers to the neighbor.

So when you write guest posts, they promote to your email list, on all your Social Media channels.

Spread the post better than your own. This will improve the performance of the item, and the host will be happy.

This will open new doors to you again.

Please think long term and not short-term clicks.

You are insulted

If you write guest posts, there will be setbacks. No Question About It.

Those bloggers will ignore you, reject you or maybe even laugh out, that’s as sure as the cheers in the pub.

If you grab your bags and send the Blogger “The Devil,” then you’re lost.

Better ask again. Improve your Headline. And then ask again. Improve your style. And then ask again.

If you knock, it will also be opened.

Second, you should not be offended if your Text, your holy cow, is touched. Of course, the “big Blogger” will edit and correct the Text again.

When you see yourself hurt in your artist’s heart, you won’t get far.

Look at it like this: you get a style review of a grandmaster.

Thank you.

You link into the blue

At the end of a Guest post, you can often link to your Blog. Most of them then simply link to your home page.

Bad mistake – at least in most cases.


If your homepage is a standard blog page with many articles about God and the world, then you should not link to the home page.

Because: You want to bind the new readers. To do this, you need a page that picks up the reader, takes your hand and leads you to your e-mail list.

In the technical jargon, this is called “Landing Page”. The reader “lands” there. The first impression is crucial.

The reader must experience within seconds …

what this is about.

what he gets here.

why he should subscribe to you.

An example of a Landing Page? Just the home page of the Offenburg.

If your home page is not a Landing Page, then build specifically one and then link to it.

But please, not just on the overloaded home page, with the last 40 blog articles.

Note: you need to take the reader by Hand – not slay with Content.

You’re a blowhard

Let’s go to the author’s description.

Most of the time, the guest author writes them himself. This is especially evident from the fact that there are many “indication terms” in it.

Authors then write their achievements in the description-from the school newspaper to the Federal Cross of Merit.

But I’ll tell you something: it interests the reader dirt.

The reader does not want to know what you have achieved. He wants to know what you can do for him.

And by the way: self-praise also stinks on the Internet.


Now, these were the worst mistakes of Guest blogging. If you avoid these errors, then you are already felt among the top 90 percent.

Because what else is offered as a guest post, unfortunately, is often very underground.

Just because bloggers have built so much crap on guest logging, this technique has also got into disrepute.

Help us to give the guest log back the shine it deserves.

In the end, everyone will benefit from this: the host, the guest author, and the audience. If you wish to write for us guest posts, avoid these seven common errors.



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