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Having a cell phone that is SIM locked gives a feeling of distress when it comes to dissatisfactions with the current network. People are in distress with expensive charges, poor support, and various other features. But thanks to the companies that bring the freedom to unlock your phone to use with another carrier operator.

Before moving further, let’s understand how to Unlock Apple iPhone 11? You can directly contact the unlocking companies as they can help you with the unlock code of your phone. You can now unlock every brand phone easily; all you need to look for the unlocking process.

How to know your phone requires unlocking?

 In order to make sure your Apple iPhone 11  requires unlocking or not? It is best if you look for the new network carrier operator SIM card on your Apple iPhone 11. You just need to switch off your phone, insert the SIM card, and look for the message. The message will be an unlocking message that will display on the screen. If the message displays, it means you need to Unlock Apple iPhone 11.

Opt for help from the carrier:

Before looking for the companies, you must have the knowledge of whether or not your carrier offers to unlock SIM or not. As there are carriers that offer you AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon can assist you with unlocking your iPhone. But it depends only on the eligibility with the carrier operator to Unlock Apple iPhone 11.

What to do if you want to ask for help from the carrier?

 You must deeply research the instruction given by your carrier to ask for an iPhone unlock. There are carriers who need filling of a request form from you while others require you to download the unlock app. After making the request, your carrier will unlock your iPhone 11 and send you an unlock number.

But if the carrier is not offering you the unlocking process, then what to do next is the other big question. But don’t worry, in that case, you can look to other companies outside that are offering unlocking services. These companies are safe and offer quick unlocking services with any of the network carrier operators.

Opt for IMEI Unlocking:

In order to Unlock Apple iPhone 11, you need to follow these very simple, easy, and quick steps.

  • The first is the unlocking company. Ask your friends and family, check reviews online, and decide the trustworthy unlocking companies.
  • Once the company is done, look for the instructions form their website.
  • Basically, the instruction includes 15 digits unique IMEI number of your Apple iPhone 11. If you don’t know how to get the IMEI number, you can dial *#06# on your iPhone.
  • Other than this, you need to send them your current network operator that you are using and the current country (permanent residence).

What is the process after sending the instruction and payment?

 Once you send all the information that you have read from their website to the unlocking company, you will receive an email on your email-id that you have provided at the time of registration.

The email will contain an unlock code that is of 8 or 16 digits, and also it contains the guidelines on how to enter the code on your phone.

How to use unlock code?

You just need to switch off your  Apple iPhone 11  and enter another network SIM card on your phone. Once you have inserted the SIM, your phone will display a message, i.e., “Enter unlock code” or “Pin Network Unlock Code.” Thus, after entering the code, your phone will get unlocked for a lifetime.

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