If you are involved in a car accident, there are several things that you will have to do. There is a process that you need to follow. It will start by filing a police report to report it to your insurance. Car accidents happen and sometimes they cannot be avoided. If you have been involved in an accident, you can contact a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer if you live in the area that will be more than happy to assist you.

First and foremost you should never drive away from the scene of an accident that you were involved in. This is true regardless of it being your fault or the other driver’s fault. Many consequences can follow if you do drive away. Reporting the accident to the police will need to be done after you have protected the scene. This can include driving off to the side or in a safe spot where traffic can still get around. You will need to wait for the police to arrive so they can write up a police report. They will need an accurate report because this will have to go to the insurance company.

Take as many pictures as you can

You can take pictures of your car and the other driver’s car. This will protect yourself if the accident wasn’t your fault. Pictures need to be sent to the insurance company as well along with the report so that they can investigate a claim. Make sure before you leave the scene of the accident that you exchange information with the other driver. They will need to get info about your insurance company and vice versa.

Reporting the accident to the insurance company

Reporting the accident to the insurance company will be the next step after everything else has been completed. You will need to file a claim with the insurance company. If you need medical attention, you should definitely go to the doctor. This is obviously if you have minor needs requiring medical attention. If you need to seek an attorney you can try looking for a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney. They will help you with your case if you choose to take a different route. It’s important to receive some legal advice following an accident, especially for insurance purposes.

If your car is not a total loss you can bring it to have it repaired once the claim is completed from the insurance company. This process can take a while depending on numerous factors. The faster you get all of the information over to the insurance company, the faster the process will go. Don’t forget to consult a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer if you live near that area. A Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney will fight for you and protect your rights.


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