Real estate videos convey information in the easiest way. Property owners create slideshows to expand more. Slideshows with customized templates catch eyes. If you know about making videos, you can create with your property images. But it can be a tough decision if you don’t know how to make the video. This will be an authentic idea to promote your services. Display your properties with stunning real estate slideshows. In the case of the real estate industry, it is so unpredictable to say whether you are going to win or lose a deal. But if you are confused about how you can make a video, this article will guide you. This article will help you to make creative real estate photo videos easily.

Complete tutorial: How to make a real estate slideshow photo video

There is high competition in the real estate industry. Creating an impressive slideshow photo will not be a bad idea. It’s an amazing way for real estate companies to promote their business. You can design a professional photo slideshow within your budget. Videos are important for real estate projects. They create brand awareness. In increasing sales and engagement of buyers, videos play a crucial role. Create a slideshow with a logo, photos, and business name. Show your portfolio. Select your images, music, and backgrounds. Create property videos within a few minutes. Successful real estate agencies that you find in the market today have followed their own way of promotion. Most of the agencies promoted through slideshow photo video.

Real estate slide show photos will make clients feel like being at home. Slideshows are easy to create. But you need to be skilled at editing videos. These videos are short to watch. You just have to choose photos. Add music and create the video.

Prepare the contents

Creating the video slide show starts with making the contents ready at first. Organize the images. Ensure that the images have 1280 × 720 pixels resolution. It’s a great idea to start with preparing the images before starting the slide show. Make all the necessary information ready in detail. Prepare the relevant information in hand including price, address, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and square footage. Include your contact information, website address, and email address in the video slideshow. Thus clients can contact you when they need it.

Purpose of creating the slide show

It’s better if you know why you are making the slide show. Know the process of sale that your slideshow will promote. Know it specifically whether you are creating it to sell, open house, or reduced price. If it’s for sale, include the new price and display it.

Let’s have a look at the step by step tutorial on how to make a real estate slideshow photo video.

Step1: As you are going to make a real estate slideshow for your property, make sure that you sign up into a platform. If you already have an account, sign in to the account.

Step2: Choose a real estate video template. As you are making a real estate video slideshow, choose a real estate slideshow template. Unique templates make the slideshow impressive. Designers make a numerous number of templates for any sort of slideshow.

Step3: Now start editing the template that you have picked. Select the Create now.

Step4: Choose scenes of your slide show. Select “Add scene”. Select video holders, photo, logo animations, and title scene.

Step5: To upload photos, click Photo holder.

Step6: If you want to add a description, select the Text holder.

Step7: Now add video and click the Video holder. You can upload videos from your computer or library. Select and insert your video.

Step8: Trim the specific part in your video.

Step9: It’s time to pick a color theme. Click the Color, pick color palette, and select custom colors.

Step10: Adding music can be enjoyable for the viewers. Upload your favorite music. If you don’t want to add music, you can mute it. You can also add your voice to it.

Step11: When your slideshow is ready, preview the slideshow. Select the Free preview. Wait for a few minutes and it will be ready. The video will be saved automatically.

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Find the slideshow at any time. If you have designing skills, you can make videos following these steps.

How real estate slideshow photo videos are convincing?

Real Estate video shows your level of expertise as an agent. This works as a powerful way to build trust in the client’s mind. In a smooth slideshow, you display your properties in a different way. You can display all the details of the properties. When the video conveys a nice and gorgeous introduction, clients will be impressed. People go for the property that they see shining in the property photos or videos. They think about the appealing property videos and photos before taking the decision.

Set it as a part of your business plan. Try to be connected with the home buyers and sellers. Show them the videos and make them know the authenticity of your property. This will lead to a quick sale. Most of the property videos capture the attention of home buyers because of the uniqueness. As you are knowledgeable, use high-quality videos. This will build trust in the mind of potential buyers. You can check videos of other agencies. Ensure that you make a more attractive video compared to them so that you can beat the competitors. Design more creative videos to promote your business.

Whenever buyers go for buying property, they seek for a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. Trust is a more important issue in the case of the real estate business. Property videos on your website display your property. They represent your skills and expertise also. If the videos are appealing and shining, buyers find it a trustworthy agency. Once your clients are convinced, they easily turn into your regular customer.

Make your own real estate property slideshow photo video and share it with people. Ensure that you edit your property photos properly. Real estate property agents nowadays go for real estate photo editing services. Share videos with your friends and a group of clients. You can share the video on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Hope that you have enjoyed the article. Create an attractive slideshow to impress the viewers. Create original videos. It will not take much time. Do not compromise the quality of the video. Spend more time making videos. Apply your design skills. Check videos of other agencies. Follow this step by step tutorial. Hope this article will work as your inspiration. If you have more different ideas, you can work on that.


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