The need for company registration services

Company registration is a crucial and final step required for forming or registering a company in Jersey. It makes the company legally recognized whether it is a start-up, small business, non-profit organization, etc. Jersey company registration services are as needed as laying the structural and strategic groundwork for the formation of your company. The structure of your company heavily relies on the size of your company in terms of the number of employees, manager, director, and other important members. It also depends on who is building the company as it could be a sole trader, partnership firm, or an already existing business.

For the legal aspect, various things such as the tax regulations and other internal factors will be taken into consideration. Before getting your company registered or hiring company registration services, you have to inform whether your company is a sole trader, limited liability, partnership firm, etc. Also, while hiring professional company registration in Jersey, you will get advice regarding tax from experts, and thereby, you will able to make better decisions for deciding the type and structure of your business.

In case you have already had an established company, you may be thinking of hiring the serviced for setting up a new company or incorporate a new branch in the current structure.

Types of companies that can get Jersey Company Registration Service

  • Sole Trader
  • Offshore Companies
  • Private and Public Limited Companies
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Protected Cell Companies
  • Guarantee Companies
  • No Par Value Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Other subsidiaries and representative offices


Requirements for Jersey Company Registration Service 

For successfully registering or incorporate your Jersey company, there are some necessary requirements and documentation that you need to complete with the Jersey Company Registrar.

  • An application mentioning the consent of COBO (including, describing the conditioner where the company cannot be incorporated by law or a professional company registration services provider, other informational documents on specifying the type of clients and their information)
  • They should also show a ‘statement of particulars’ that entails the basic information of the company
  • Copy of the documents of a memorandum of the company and also the articles of association of the company

It is also crucial to get the name of the company registered. For forming a company any name of your choice could be used, but the names have to be restricted to a point where they sound similar or are similar to the name of the companies in England and other related English-derived companies that comes under the state law jurisdictions. You have to pay a certain amount of fees to the Jersey Company Registrar depending upon the time when you get your company registered. Also, there would be additional charges when you get the services from a corporate provider but that would be worth it since professional services assure that you get your company incorporated in the most legal and efficient and manner.

As a final step for company registration in Jersey, you have to get a license to get your company fully established. In the case where a company is recognized as offshore, the owner of the company is required to apply for the license. The license fee is not chargeable as of now.


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