With more people than ever working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to fully embrace home office interior design. Even if you’re working from a corner or a tiny office space, there are plenty of opportunities to introduce stylish elements into your home. From floating desks to plant life, here are 10 small home office ideas that will help style up your interior. 

5 Tiny Home Office Ideas 

Add a Floating Desk 

If you live in a tiny apartment or a crowded house, you might feel like it’s impossible for you to squeeze a home office into your space. However, you really don’t need a lot of room to create a floating desk. If you can clear out a corner, or even if you have an empty hallway or space under the stairs, you can put in a floating desk. 

A floating desk is basically a shelf attached to the wall that is the proper height to work as a desk. You can do this DIY, by attaching a wooden shelf to your chosen area or purchase a home office desk from a furniture store. You’d be surprised at the stylish range these items are available in. From glass floating desks to wall mounted wooden styles, you’re bound to find something you like. 

Use Wall Space 

When it comes to your small home office layout, storage is a vital component. This is especially true if you’re operating from a small space as any amount of clutter can make everything feel chaotic. Even if you’re working from a tiny desk, utilizing wall space for shelving is a great way to keep your small workspace clear. 

Floating shelves that can be mounted on the wall can be a great way to store folders, books, or home office equipment. Alternatively, you could buy a desk that has built-in shelving under or above the workstation. If you’re working in a space under the stairs, you could also build shelves into the side of the staircase for a minimalist design.

Add Bar Stools

Traditional office or computer chairs can be clunky and can take up lots of room. If your space is limited and you’re looking for home office desk chairs that can fit in easily, try opting for a bar stool. Bar stools can add a super modern, minimalist style to your home and can allow you to set your desk higher on the wall. This can also help save on space, as you can add shelves or storage underneath it. 

When picking bar stools for your home workspace, however, remember to aim for comfort as well as style. Sitting on a chair that is uncomfortable or the wrong height can lead to bad posture and to joint pain. This can be prevented by ensuring that your screen is at eye level and that your hands are always lower than your elbows when you use the keyboard. If you’re still struggling, consider buying a handheld massager to help you destress at the end of the day.

Create Zones

If you don’t have the luxury of a workspace to call your own, you might have been forced to set up your home office in your bedroom or living room. This can be tough to deal with as you may feel like you’re living and working in the same space. This can make it hard to create distance from your work and to give yourself time off to relax and decompress.

Simple as it sounds, something as basic as rearranging your furniture could really help. In interior design terms, it may benefit you to create separate zones within the same room. Zoning allows you to both physically and psychologically divide up the space so that you can move between different areas. Even something straightforward, like turning your couch to face one wall and your desk to face the other can make you feel like you have two rooms instead of one. You could also put a rug down on one side of the room and leave the other bare to signal to yourself that you’re entering a different zone.

Add Plant Life 

When you go about kitting out your workspace, you probably think mainly about what home office furniture you need. However, accessorizing your home office could be the key to developing the chic, stylish look you want. Focusing on the aesthetic of your home office is also a great way to ensure you like spending time there. If your workspace is a space that you love, you’ll be more motivated to get in there and get to work. 

One way to spruce up your modern home office design is to add some natural greenery. Pot plants can add a splash of color to a space that has white or grey walls or that has only basic furniture. You could also put colorful pictures on the wall or add a vase of flowers on your desk to add something cheerful to your space. Just as with a traditional office, half the battle is making yourself feel at home. Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll feel excited to spend time there. 


Developing your home office décor is really a case of adding your own personal touch to your workspace. After all, you’re the one who has to work there! Although this can feel tough if your space is restricted, hopefully, these ideas will give you some inspiration.  

Final Call: Are you working from home in the pandemic? How have you made your home workspace your own? Have you tried any of these ideas? Tell us about this in the comments!


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