Saree holds a deep rooted place in every Indian woman’s heart. It is that particular apparel that has been treasured for years now. We have seen it through generations to generations from our grandmothers to mothers and now maybe your sister too. Designer Saree in all senses has that charm which enhances the qualities while downplaying any flaws. The desi drape holds a dear place in our hearts as you all might know. Every region in India has its own special weave of saree and designs. A fact that is always endures us is a saree that it never fails whenever you wear it. No matter what the occasion is it will make you look contemporary and stylish at the same time.

Here are some options for bhagalpuri sarees which are a beautiful and found in the district of Bhagalpur.

1. Russet Silk Cotton Bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree:

Russet Silk Cotton Bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree

An earthy reddish brown colour, this bhagalpuri saree has been handwoven by skilled bhagalpuri   artisans. Crafted in stands of cotton and silk, this saree is lightweight and soft against the skin. This saree is one of the treasures that have been kept since ages.

2. Orange Silk Cotton Bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree: 

Orange Silk Cotton Bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree

Add a pop of vivid colour to your overall outfit with this orange bhagalpuri saree, crafted in cotton     and silk. It has been handwoven by bhagalpuri artisans and is ideal for the warm summer months. These designer sarees are one which makes the whole get its due char.

3. Rose Silk Cotton Bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree:


Rose Silk Cotton Bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree

An appealing colour for a day as well as a night event, this saree looks exquisite when draped. Hand woven to perfection, this bhagalpuri saree flaunts a blend of cotton and silk. This designer saree is perfect and can bring a lot of change in your personality.

 4Black Cotton Silk bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree:


Black Cotton Silk Bhagalpuri Handwoven Saree And Blouse

Showcasing grey stripes that beautifully match the black bhagalpuri saree, this saree has been handwoven in cotton and silk. Ideal for an evening event, this saree can be paired with our stylish red kalamkari blouse for amazing effects.

When we talk about sarees, it is important style it properly. You can even choose various jewellery pieces to style it in a contemporary way. The jewellery pieces would work, this will elevate the whole look and make it more dramatic or urban. It totally depends on your choice and comfort on wearing the kind of jewellery with designer sarees .